Borehole Establishment

When contemplating borehole establishment, then contact Borehole Water Association to verify if the service provider is working to a borehole standard, example, if a borehole driller does not do borehole development, get another driller.

Borehole Siting

The borehole location affects many factors for the borehole establishment. Getting proper borehole siting done is crucial. Borehole cost and borehole security is all affected during the borehole construction. Remember borehole drilling is the most expensive part of the borehole process.

Borehole location affects many factors for the borehole establishment.

Pumps and Motors

We sell and we install a wide variety of single phase and three phase borehole pump equipment, and we issue a borehole pump equipment design certificate on completion of the borehole installation.

Water Quality

Potable water samples are taken at the end of the yield test, and delivered to an accredited laboratory where an abbreviated SANS 241 test is conducted. The water quality of the potable water is explained in the Water Test Report, there after a Water Test Certificate is issued.

Water Quality Tests done on potable water samples
supply We Install a range of Pressure Pumps

Pressure Pumps

Borehole Water Solutions not only supply a range of Pressure Pumps, we also do water transfer solutions and we do installations in Pretoria, Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng.

Pump Installations

Borehole Water Solutions not only supply a range of borehole pumps and borehole motors, but we also do borehole installations and borehole equipment repairs and borehole equipment replacements.

borehole pumps and motors so suit your borehole rquirements

Water Storage

Borehole Water Solutions not only supply water storage tanks, but we also install for household, commercial and agricultural use with water transfer pumps or pressure pumps and water purification equipment.

Repair and Replace

We at BWS not only supply a wide range of Borehole Pumps and Borehole motors, we also do Borehole Equipment Repairs and Replacements throughout Gauteng.

Agricultural Property

We conduct Borehole Water Yield Tests throughout Gauteng for Agricultural, Commercial and residential properties, if we can access your borehole with our Test Rig, then we can test your borehole.

Residential Property

We at BWS conduct Borehole yield tests at residential properties throughout Gauteng, if our test equipment can get to the borehole then we can test it, call us now for a quotation or visit our prices page.

Yield Tests in Residential properties throughout Gauteng

Equipment Removal

Using a strong hoisting belt to fasten to the Borehole Equipment and a vehicle, with care the vehicle can slowly pull the existing installation from the borehole.

Pump Equipment

If a borehole has existing pump equipment installed, we need to remove it first before putting our test pump down the borehole. A vehicle rim is used to roll the pipe out with.


Yield Test Standards

The Borehole Yield Test Procedure allows for the test to be conducted correctly, resulting in correct data records and is found in the SABS SANS 10299:4-2003 Standard.

Borehole Test Certificate

A Borehole Yield Certificate is issued on completion of the Yield Test, now the Borehole Pump Equipment configuration can be designed.

Water Flow Meter

Monitor Water Volume

Water pumped during the Borehole Yield Test is measured and recorded as part of the Borehole Test Procedure and forms part of the SABS SANS 10299:4-2003 Standard.

Borehole Water Quantity

Measuring the Water Quantity or Water Volume pumped during a Borehole Yield Test and recording the information is crucial, the Water Flow Meters help with achieving this

Monitor Water Level

When conducting a Borehole Yield Test, the Borehole Static water level is measured. During the Yield Test, the dynamic water level is continuously monitored and recorded.

Borehole Yield Test

Our first Borehole Yield Test was conducted on the 3rd of August 2015 on the Lewzene Estates in Cullinan. The Borehole Yield was 1,700 liters per hour. We issued our very first Borehole Yield Certificate.

Borehole Yield Test Rig ready for deployment

Borehole Yield System

The borehole yield test equipment is now installed and the new Borehole Yield System is complete and ready for deployment.

Water Test System

The assembly of the Water Flow Meters to the Yield Test System. Also consisting of gate valves and water pressure gauges. The Flow Meters will allow us to measure the water pumped.

Borehole Yield test Rig

Yield Test Rig

The Yield Test Rig now has the wheel assembled. The wheel will have the borehole pipe, the borehole submersible cable and the borehole equipment safety wire rolled onto it.

Test System Assembly

With the Test Rig trailer complete, the Yield Test System can now be assembled together with all the major parts, here we are assembling a 25 kW generator to the trailer. The generator will power the system.

Yield Test Rig
Yield Test System

Borehole Test Rig

The anti rust treatment and painting of the trailer in preparation for the road worthy test and the assembly of the test equipment. The Borehole Yield Test Rig is about to form shape and character.

Borehole Test System

The birth of Borehole Water Solutions in April 2015. The start of the Design and Implementation of a Borehole Yield Test System. The modification of an existing cattle transport trailer, the start of the Test Rig build.

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