Borehole Yield Testing

Borehole Water Solutions tests according to the SABS SANS 10299:4-2003 Standards. The basic test consists of four draw-down tests and a recovery test. Thereafter a constant discharge test may be add for your requirements.

Borehole Water Testing

Borehole Water Solutions tests all potable water according to the SABS SANS 241 standards at an accredited Laboratory.

Borehole Pumps and Motors

Borehole Water Solutions are able to design your borehole system and supply, assemble, install and commission it. We have extensive experience in this field and we issue an equipment design certificate on completion for your records and for the likes of your insurance company to confirm installation is according to standard.

Water Storage Tanks

With the current risk of water cuts, water restrictions and drought in some areas, is it not time for one to become water wise? to conserve and to now plan and install your own water solution to suit your needs. We at BWS are able to supply and install your water storage system.

Pressure Pumps

Your existing water solution require an extra boost, or would you like to add a pressure pump to assist with the supply of water, expansion on your buildings, workshops, staff quarters, garden, lawn? BWS can assist with the supply and installation. 

Irrigation Solutions

Many families today have very little time for their garden during the week, or find it difficult to water the lawn, we at BWS are able to assist you with an automated irrigation system to suit your requirements no mater how big or small.

Visit our Costs page to see how competitive our prices are. We offer professional services and excellent quality products.

Your Journey

Let BWS be your Borehole Water Solutions provider, and let us assist you with your water requirements, call us today to guide you with a solution that would meet your requirements. We do yield testing, water quality testing, borehole pump and motor installations, pressure pump supply and installations, water storage tanks and irrigation installations.

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