About Us

About Borehole Water Solutions

We at Borehole Water Solutions are passionate about water and we have extensive knowledge to share with you as well as  expertise and experience to be of service to you.

We are members of the Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa and pride ourselves of being part of a group of professionals.

All our work is done according to SABS standards and we issue our certificates accordingly.

BWS member of BWA

Borehole Testing

We are based close to Cullinan and conduct borehole tests and water tests throughout Gauteng.

If you need your borehole yield certified for a financial institution or for the pump equipment design, we are there to be of service to you. Additionally if you want your water quality tested for human consumption we will be able to assist you.

Visit our Testing Page for more information on how we conduct our tests.

Equipment Installation

Our installations cover a broad spectrum of equipment. We install borehole pump equipment for depths up to 160 metres and for volumes up to 100,000 litres per hour, ranging from mono pumps and borehole pumps to submersible pumps.

For more information click here Installation Page.

Periphery Equipment

Our installations cover a broad spectrum of equipment.

We install pressure pumps of all types from domestic use and gardens to water transfer and irrigation.

For more information click here Installation Page.

Water Treatment

Ground water is not always without anomalies. It is possible that there may be too much of a certain mineral or metal or even a bacteria that may need to be reduced or even removed.

Selecting our equipment and expertise would add you to our list of satisfied customers.

We will soon add a page dedicated to water Treatment.

BWS Water Treatment
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have experienced and increase in questions relating to boreholes and borehole equipment as well as water testing and water treatment and we will add a page dedicated to FAQs.


A graphic illustration conveys a stronger message than words, and there is the Chinese proverb: ‘’One Picture Is Worth Ten Thousand Words’’.

Thus we have included a page dedicated to images of our tests, installations and equipment over a stretch of time.

Please do visit our Gallery Page to view our images.

Contact Us

In anticipation we await contact from you, please call us today, or just message your question via WhatsApp.

Email us your inquiry or request for a quotation and we will reply to your requirements.

Like us on facebook @Elandshoek, or follow us on Instagram additionally see what we have to offer on YouTube, we look forward to meeting with you, click now to see our Contact Page.