Borehole Testing

Our Borehole Testing is conducted according to the SABS Standards and we are members of the Borehole Water Association of Southern Africa.

The Yield Report is available in the form of a Borehole Yield Certificate that will be issued on completion of the yield test.

Borehole Testing
Yield testing Costs

Yield Test Costs

  • R3,500 for four step drawdown tests and recovery test
  • R500 per hour constant discharge test
  • R6 per kilometre round trip
  • R10/m existing pump removal and R10/m existing pump re-install
  • R500-00 per hour labour charge.
  • R560-00 per hour waiting time charge.

Test Rig Equipment

The testing equipment utilized by our trained staff are all self-contained systems either a single Bakkie test Rig or a combination of bakkie and trailer test rig.

The test system core components comprises undoubtedly of a 3 phase generator, the all-important test pump and motor, additionally the water flow meters and last but not least the water depth logging device.

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Test Rig Equipment
Test Equipment Capabilities

Test System Capabilities

Without a doubt we conduct and conclude any borehole up to 140 metres deep with a yield capacity of up to 20,000 litres per hour.

We travel and test throughout Gauteng, reaching into North West province and Mpumalanga province.

Pump Testing Procedure

The test procedure first and foremost is to measure the borehole depth followed by the static water level that is initially recorded.

Then we start conducting what is called the step draw-down tests of which there are at least four and thereafter, to do constant discharge tests by the hour according to the borehole utilization criteria and finally on conclusion, we monitor and record the borehole recovery time.

Borehole Testing
Water Quality Analysis

Water Quality Analysis

Our water testing capabilities is undoubtedly one of our most important value adds to our testing services, and obviously the tests are conducted at an accredited laboratory.

Water quality being one of the most important facets of your water security, we pride ourselves of offering this water analysis as an additional service and subsequently, the test Certificate is based on the results.

We undertake water quality testing with most of our yield testing projects, furthermore we also support existing customers to monitor their water quality on an ongoing basis.

Water Testing Costs

  • R2,330 for an abbreviated SANS 241 test
  • the test consists of the following:
  • pH; Electrical Conductivity; TDS (Total Dissolved Solids); ICP-OES Analysis;  E. coli;  Total Organic Carbon;  Nitrogen-Nitrite and Fluoride.
  • Other tests may be included on customer request, please ask for a quotation.

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